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With over four decades of experience working to guide young people through the challenges of urban living; Larry Morris has been a counselor, coach and mentor to hundreds of children.  He has designed and led community based programs to help our children grow into strong individuals. His teachings provided them with the skills and values they needed to help them succeed as adults.

As a dedicated community advocate, Larry Morris has been a tireless worker to improve the quality of life in under-served communities.  His leadership on committees and boards, including as the Wilmington Delaware NAACP President has helped neighborhoods to fight for and win battles to empower their will to move forward.

Recently from his former tenure on Delaware’s Lt. Governor’s staff to his current position with Delaware’s United States Congressman John Carney, Larry Morris understands the ways in which government and community energies can be leveraged to help traditionally underserved citizens gain more opportunities to succeed.

In his new quest as a Writer and Speaker, Larry’s vision is to use his years of knowledge and experiences to increase his opportunities to help others and to impact the nation and the world.

About Larry

For 40 years, Larry has committed his time, heart and soul to community outreach and mentoring young people all over the city of Wilmington, Delaware.

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