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"Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear the children of today described as lazy, disrespectful and out of control. Children today are frequently getting suspended, having babies at an alarming rate and even shooting each with guns. How many times have we heard someone say "you can't do anything with these children of today, they are a lost cause"? For the sake of discussion, I have two questions: 1) how did they get like that and 2) how come we are not like that?
  1. Of course we know that the answer to those questions is the degree of or lack of adult supervision and control!! How many of you, in the generation that remembers black and white TV's, only 3 channels and no remote control, can remember talking back to our parents, going to bed when we felt like it or parents not knowing where you were at any given time in the day??? Parents had such control over what we did, we couldn't even be in the same room when grown folks were talking to each other!!
  2. The children of today did not get like they are on their own!! They were abandoned or neglected by irresponsible people charged with raising them! We too, are responsible for the reckless and underachieving young people of today who are turning out to be menaces to our society because we too, have abandoned them..........."

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For 40 years, Larry has committed his time, heart and soul to community outreach and mentoring young people all over the city of Wilmington, Delaware.

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