The Real Christmas Spirit

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Have you ever noticed that during the Christmas Season everyone seems to be more cheery or happy about life? People are smiling, singing, talking about their plans and saying Merry Christmas to complete strangers. There is lots of talk about having meals and giving gifts to people less fortunate. We even think about giving gifts to people we don't even think about any other time during the year....

At this stage in my life, I have come to the realization that I like the season of Christmas much more than I like the day of Christmas. Of course I am not talking about the birth of Jesus because I truly celebrate that every day. The birth of our Savior is definitely important but nowadays, when the discussion of Christmas takes place, we are talking about everything but the gift of eternal life.

The most unfortunate thing is that the day after December 25th, many people lose all the joy that I have come to love so much. Some people go back to being not so friendly or cheerful. The gift giving has become more about how much the gift cost rather than the spirit of giving and receiving. Some folks actually get upset because their gift did not match up to their expectations. Some gifts are mentally discarded and forgotten about within days after the actual excitement of Christmas Day passes.

On this Christmas 2016 I am still thankful for the Transistor Radio I got from my Grandmom Doris when I was about 11 or 12. It probably cost $9.95. I listened to Ali knock out Liston on this radio and it is still valuable beyond description!! When I see this radio I think of love and family!! Now, isn't that the way it should be???

Merry Christmas!!!
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Larry's Philosphy

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Mentoring is a gift that is shared. It is a relationship that enables purposeful conversation. The conversation assists the mentoree to reflect on their own experience, make informed decisions and act upon the ideas that are generated.
The purpose of mentoring is development. It is about learning not teaching and both mentors and those mentored grow from the experience.
 In mentoring, people develop a synergetic relationship through a conversation that enables them to set and achieve goals, make decisions and solve problems. Any person who has the skill to facilitate the mentoring process may be a mentor.Mentoring is enriching and satisfying for both partners.

About Larry

For 40 years, Larry has committed his time, heart and soul to community outreach and mentoring young people all over the city of Wilmington, Delaware.

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