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In this space I want to showcase what people think of Larry Morris and the work he as done over the years.


Larry Morris
The Man, Father Figure, Leader and Role Model
My name is Michael C. Sanders, Sr.  Back over 30 years ago, my name was Michael C. Wedington.  I was about 11 years old when I met Larry Morris.  He was a breath of fresh air, just to have a man like Mr. Morris caring so much about a group of young Back American Boys.
There are several things I remember about my experience with Larry Morris, the man.  One of the first things I can remember was study hall where we had to go to do homework for two hours as well as Thursdays.  We had to maintain a C Average if we wanted to be on his basketball team.  (Larry Morris Youth Center). 
A second thing I remember is that I went to my first ever 76ers game where whey were playing the Portland Trailblazers.  It was an awesome night.  That's when I really became a 76ers fan, thanks to Larry.  Another experience I remember was camping and the Youth Center that we were able to hang out and even spend the night and watch movies with the rest of the young men in the group.  An oh the camping trip we went on was crazy, fun and exciting all at the same time.  Being out in the woods and nature.....WOW!!
Lastly the thing I remember the most was winning the Youth Basketball Championship in 1981with the Larry Morris Youth Center against the Brows Boys Club!!  We lost the first game and after the game I cried in my mothers arms and she told me it was alright.  Low and behold, we kept getting better as the season went on and won in the Championship Game.  That was the fist trophy I received in my entire life.
So yes, what an experience with Larry Morris.  He definitely was a father figure to me and my brother, being though we didn't have one at that time in our lives (Jst Mom).  so I'm 45  years old and because of my experience with Larry Morris, he is part of the reason I'm a great man myself and I also serve others as well.
Thank you Larry Morris for being there to fill in the gap for a lot of young males, especially me.
Michael C. Sanders, Sr.


He was a father to the entire neighborhood and we all love him.
~ Trineka T.

Mr. Morris, Thanks for your kind words but if not for people like yourself, I would have never found my passion.
~ Terrance S.

About Larry

For 40 years, Larry has committed his time, heart and soul to community outreach and mentoring young people all over the city of Wilmington, Delaware.

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